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Hey guys, can anyone offer assistance to this issue i had last night.

Here is a shorter explanation than the one last night, lol


I have a question regarding the MSR 5-1 unit. Last night I noticed thatmy main motor was cutting in an out, and upon further inspection, Inoticed that the wire had come apart on the connector that fits intofront of 5-1 board. So, I soldered the connection back together andplugged it back in. Now, I have two transmitters, the stock MCX TX andthe CX3 TX. I usually use the MCX TX to fly the MSR. I noticed thatwhile investigating the main motor issue with the MCX TX, at first,even though the main motor would not always work, the tail motor would.Then, and this is prior to soldering, after fiddling around with themain motor connection, the tail motor and main motor would no longerwork, but the servo's always would. Is this a fail safe mechanism thatis applied with the MCX/MSR stock transmitter for the motors? Reason, Iask is because I thought maybe the batteries were failing in the MCX TXso I got out my CX3 transmitter and bound the MSR to it, and the tailmotor would spin, and servo's would work but not the main motor? Idon't think the MCX TX batteries were dead, so what is the reasoningfor my CX3 TX to make the tail motor spin and the MCX TX wouldn't?


After, this I took apart the connections and the wire on one of the 90connector was broken underneight the heatshrink/insulation and hencewas the reason for motor failure. This is when I soldered the wire backonto the 90 connector that fits into the front of the 5-1 MSR board.So, at first after done soldering, I re-bound the MCX transmitter tothe MSR and tried the sticks and nothing happened with motors, but theservo's would always work. (Note, this was also with the main motor notinto the main frame as I was just testing it) So, then I tried the CX3transmitter again, and while the motor was not in the main frame butjust sitting there it worked. So, I proceeded to put the main motorback into the main frame and tried to spin the rotors with the CX3 TX,well at first the tail rotor would spin, but the main motor would not,the servos also worked. I proceeded to try the throttle sticks again,and this time I noticed the LED on the 5-1 unit would dim and the tailmotor would spin in spurts but the main motor wouldn't. It was thenthat a small puff of smoke arose, but i am not sure if it came off the5-1 unit or the motor. I guess when I installed the motor back into themain frame, the 2 leads had touched and I assume caused a short. So, Iwas quick to unplug the battery and power down the TX. I took off themotor and took a good look at the 5-1 unit front and back and do notvisibly see any damage, and or burst diodes ect. The motor, I thinkthough is screwed. My question, after this necessary opening is this.


The MSR 5-1 unit now, when bound to the the MCX TX, will still function the servo's, but the tail rotor will not spin.


The MSR 5-1 unit when bound to the CX3 TX, will function the servo's and the tail rotor.


I do not have a spare motor to try to see if the main motor port hasbecome damaged. My question is this, if the tail rotor and servo's arestill working while bound to the CX3 TX, is there a chance that themain motor port is damaged or no?


Also, why will the MCX TX not allow the tail rotor to work butfunctions the servos? And why will the CX3 TX power both the tail rotorand the servo's? Your prompt response will be appreciated.














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Posts: 49

okay maybe the above wasn't short lol. I sent off to Horizon to see what they say. I have to track down a magnifying glass to get a better visual of the board to see if anything has happened, I do not think anything is busted though due to the fact that both servos work as well as tail rotor. Speaking of tail rotor, lol, I feel like a dumbass. I tried the MCX TX on the MCX tonight to see if the two motors would spin and low and behold they didn't. so, I thought the batteries were toast, so I changed them. So I tred it again with new batteries on MCX and no motors would spin. Then I thought maybe the throttle function of the TX was screwed but didn't know how it could be. Well, lol, then I started playing with the throttle trim which was set all the way up for some reason, so after trimming it down, voila, the main motors worked on the MCX. So, I tied this on the MSR, an now the MSR tail rotor and servos are working from MCX TX, so ignore above question as to why my TX's were varying in functions on my the present state my MSR 5-1 board is in. If only my new main motors were here :( I am now heliless and waiting for parts yet again, I have tons of parts, but never the right ones. These electronics are killing me. lol, I really hope the 5-1 MSR board is still okay and the little puff of smoke was from short on main motor!

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